Kitu Cha Ajabu / An Amazing Thing – House # 50 Completed!!

Mrs Urasa and daughter Rachel

When we built those first few houses back in 2008 we had no idea we were starting a program.  Even when we formalized Houses for Health as a partnership program of Alegent Health and the Nebraska Synod – ELCA we had no idea how much the program would steadily grow. We never would have dared to think that we would ever build more than a few houses a year….and yet here we are with our 50th house finished and more in the works . . Dare we hope to one day reach 100?  Or is that even thinking too small?   Great thanks go to all individuals, families & friends, businesses, church groups,  and others who have been supporting this effort.

House # 50 goes to the family of Eonike Urasa and her children in the Machame subvillage of Nkuu.  Maybe it is fitting that the donor for this home is the President and CEO of Alegent Health:  Mr Richard Hachten and his wife Jeanine.   Thank you Rick for being so supportive of Alegent’s involvement in Tanzania these past 11 years!

Samweli Urasa and the new house