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Houses for Health!

Who we are

The Houses for health program was established to build homes for specially targeted individuals. Those with severe health problems that are further threatened by their substandard living situation. Those who are extremely poor. And especially those death would leave behind more orphans.

Why we do it

For the very poor Tanzania, Poverty leads to bad health, and bad health leads to poverty a vicious downward spiral. This is particular true for those living with HIV/AIDS. There is some good news in that many of the AIDS sufferers in Tanzania are now able to receive the medicines needed to keep them alive.

What we do

The houses are typical, very modest, two-room homes that provide a better quality of living through protection from the elements. Through better housing people have the promise of better health. The houses are built using 100% local labor and 100% local materials and so are boost to the local economy.

New Picture

When you contribute to Houses for Health, you can count on seeing and hearing about the families you are assisting, along with pictures of their old and new home. One hundred percent of your donation goes to build houses. (All overhend is borne by the sponsors)

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